suprematism exhibition

Exhibition – Equivalence

New Suprematism Exhibition – Meet the Artist Saturday 15th April 2017 10am-4pm
On until 10th May 2017
During 2014/15 Tony Bramley produced from photography, a series of images developed from within the Modernist Russian avant-garde movement of Dynamic Suprematism, for his Fellowship with the Royal Photographic Society. The body of work was also awarded the Bill Wiseden MBE RPS Fellowship of the Year in 2016.
With each composition, existing geometry is abstracted from a single ‘donor’ image, providing the material for a completely new and unique creation. Colour, shape, texture, tone and form take on a new prominence and visual beauty.
New dynamics come to the fore, the energy and motion enhanced by the balance and harmony achieved within the composition. The exclusive use of “white space”, representing infinity, induces a state of equivalence and further enhances the dynamics.
Objective has become non-objective. Content is at it’s purest and most creative; light, colour, shape and the viewer. Photography is now close to ‘zero point’, a transitional state where
origination and representation is questioned.
I recognised within Bang & Olufsen design that the beautiful geometry, line and form, lends itself to Suprematist abstraction. My collection of four exclusive compositions for Bang & Olufsen of Colchester have been a joy to produce, allowing me to celebrate the wonderful elements within the designs.
Bang & Olufsen of Colchester generously support local artists and are not charging commission on sales, so we have agreed to donate 20% of all sales to St Helena Hospice.
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suprematism exhibition
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