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Suprematism was a highly geometric style of early 20th-century non-objective abstract painting, ignoring the familiar appearance of objects, developed by Russian avant-garde artist Kazimir Malevich (1879-1935).

In purest form, images are very geometric, against a white background, disclosing shape, line and colour, producing energy and dynamics. Tony is possibly the only photographer working in the Modern Art style of Pure Suprematism. Individual Suprematist works can be commissioned for companies as individual pieces of art for display.

Compositions are derived from a single photograph to produce a non-objective piece of work.

Tony is a Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society and holder of the RPS, Bill Wisden MBE HonFRPS Fellowship of the Year Award.

Artist's Statement

A single scene is reduced to its geometry through rejection & separation, producing a photographic abstraction that has independence of form. Everything else is insignificant and of no artistic value.

The abstracted elements ; geometry, colour (including white), lines, and space, form the basis of a 'new' composition that provides its own energy and dynamics. New states of harmony, order, tension and volume are achieved. The photograph's raw dynamics are enhanced and elements can provide; lightness, weight, flow, rise, fall, float, cluster, advance and recede. A concept of ‘static motion’ prevails.

The exclusive use of “white space”, representing infinity, enhances the dynamics and a state of equivalence. Colours take on a prominence and new visual beauty.

Reality has now gone, only the 'essence' of the original image remains. Devoid of coherent meaning, conventional forms of expression are now abandoned, subjectivism and ambiguity prevails. The loss of literal representation opens up viewer participation. Creation from within is achieved, not just from the author but also for the viewer.

Photography is now close to zero point and at its purest and most creative; light, colour, shape and the viewer. The abstracted elements celebrate a photographic purity that was masked by ‘other things’, crossing a boundary into a domain of new creative possibilities to produce extremely original images.

Photography has surrendered to art.


Suprematist commissions are available to companies and individuals who are looking for a very unusual form of photographic art to display. Commissions are a single one-off production and therefore will be unique.
A commission includes initial consultation, viewing of subject matter, the shoot and following this, the design process. The finished composition will be giclée printed, float mounted & framed  onto fine art paper ready for hanging. Other framing options available to suit presentation area.
Due to the non-objective nature of my work, natural organic matter does not feature. Good materials for my compositions include; architecture both exterior and interior, cars, ships, aircraft, as well as certain forms of machinery/products. Existing geometry is obviously important.
For high quality photographic presentation, art can be displayed up to 200cm.
Contact Tony direct on 01206 212542 or on his mobile, 07870 441540 to discuss a commission.

Russian avant-garde


Between the later part of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century a revolution in art occurred that transformed the art world forever. Covering modern art movements within painting, theatre, music, film, architecture and poetry, Russia became a hot bed of new creative's. This avant-garde rejected the old styles of cultural heritage and set about a quest for individualism and a higher creative style that was also influenced by the politics and fragility of the world at that time, and the hope for a 'new world'. Critical art movements of the time included, Cubism, Italian Futurism, Cubo-Futurism, Constructivism, Zaum, Neo-primitivism and of course, Malevich's Suprematism.

Kazimir Malevich          Suprematism Manifesto     Russian Avant-Garde Artists

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I am available for talks for camera clubs, art groups, education & other groups. Please contact me for more information & fees.

The Russians are Coming
Principles & Elements of Art in Photography - Beyond Composition
More at: www.lightacademy.co.uk
RPS, Bill Wisden MBE HonFRPS Fellowship of the Year Award


Contact me for current prices for limited editions.

Private commissions welcome.

suprematism framing

sample of framing - click for larger image

Larger sizes available. Contact me personally to purchase art. Single editions of private commissions available. Private/company commissions from £1500.

Fine Art Giclée Printing in Float Mount Frame. Archival certified for 100+ years. Updated regularly

Signed limited editions of 10 prints: 50x50cm (35x35cm) float mounted with frame.
SC_Suprematism Composition_0001SC_Suprematism Composition_0002SC_Suprematism Composition_0003SC_Suprematism Composition_0004SC_Suprematism Composition_0005SC_Suprematism Composition_0006SC_Suprematism Composition_0007SC_Suprematism Composition_0008SC_Suprematism Composition_0009SC_Suprematism Composition_0010SC_Suprematism Composition_0011SC_Suprematism Composition_0012SC_Suprematism Composition_0013SC_Suprematism Composition_0014SC_Suprematism Composition_0015SC_Suprematism Composition_0016SC_Suprematism Composition_0017SC_Suprematism Composition_0018SC_Suprematism Composition_0019SC_Suprematism Composition_0020SC_Suprematism Composition_0021SC_Suprematism Composition_0028SC_Suprematism Composition_0063Suprematism Composition No. 76Suprematism Photography_0065Suprematism Photography_0027Suprematism Photography_0059 Suprematism Photography_0062Suprematism Photography_0024Suprematism Photography_0030Suprematism Photography_0023 Suprematism Photography_0044Suprematism Photography_0034Suprematism Photography_0035Suprematism Photography_0040Suprematism Photography_0029Suprematism Photography_0031
Open editions: 35x35cm no frame
Suprematism Photography_0032Suprematism Photography_0064Suprematism Photography_0037 Suprematism Photography_0041 Suprematism Photography_0042 Suprematism Photography_0043 Suprematism Photography_0039Suprematism Photography_0048 Suprematism Photography_0049 Suprematism Photography_0056 Suprematism Photography_0060Suprematism Photography_0026


Tony can be contacted direct on 07870 441540

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